The kid is by far the best player in today's NHL and nobody is even allowed to be in 2nd. wholesale jerseys  How good is he?  Well let's see... Kunitz is having a career year... 

Then Crosby gets hurt and misses all of April.  What does Kunitz do in April? A whopping 2 goals and 8 points cheap jerseys wholesale.... as opposed to 20 point months for a couple months in a row prior to Crosby being injured. This kid reminds me of Gretzky and Lemieux the way he makes mediocre players and nobodies look great cheap hockey jerseys.

Streit, although he played an outstanding game, got beat by Crosby, and on the way to the net, Streit wrapped him up and prevented him from taking the shot because of the way he had him hooked. Whether you like the call or not, it was the correct lions jersey call. 

10/11/2013 8:51am

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