The Cavs are 4th in wins lost due to injury only behind Chicago, Philli, and Minnisota. Our team was extremely thin to begin the season and Coach Scott had less to work once his best players got hurt cheap jersey. He utilized what was given to him as best he could. He made a should have been retired Luke Walton into a serviceable bench guy. and improved the team once we brought in some spare parts in the Memphis trade. Dion clearly developed and that was in large part to the way that Byron handled him cheap jerseys from china. He kept a very close eye on Dion and made sure that Dion listened to what he had to say, or get benched.

Guys have to look passed the record. The way this team was constructed, we were bound for the lottery, key long term injuries just made us go even further down in the lottery. Coach Scott deserves another year with an actually well constructed team nba jerseys cheap. We have a ton of cap space and although they want to use some of it to bring in a big time FA in 2014, we need to get some good veterans and make the playoffs next year.

It’s pretty obvious all this losing has taken its toll on Kyrie. If the Cavs cleveland cavaliers jersey were competitive, I have no doubt he’d be trying to light it up. Just another reason teams can’t be cellar dwellers for too long. Or, Kyrie could have learned to play a lick of defense this year, and been a leader and pushed other players to improve defensively as well, then we could have been much better than 26th in D-Eff, which would have gone a long way toward being a decent team.


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