Now, I can be sure that this news sure most people have never heard of. Every year it is said that some members of the elite male Bohemian club participated in the is called a ritualized combustion of nursing. To be engaged in similar ceremony in my youth as a undercover writer/philosopher/drunk warrior frat boy, I still processing psychological motivation and moral meaning of this kind of behavior. In my defence I still very young, very intoxicated. Bohemian is powerful, rich adults make decisions, affect us all. Why do men so stark choice on this form of entertainment?
If you like your entertainment less whitebread and more affectionate, I sincerely recommend to Russian river blues/jazz festival, usually held in September on the beach Guerneville Johnson. From my point of view on high mountains along the river I sat in my truck enjoy Cuba smoothies and barbecue, look like etta James sang "there is one thing that I grabbed", or poncho sanchez pop-up a Latin version of "knock on wood". It is not a Bohemian, but it will have to do.

09/19/2012 6:59am

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