Thank you Boston for Crawford and A-Gone, without these 2 guys on the roster, the Dodgers would not be generating any resemblence of an offense. I don't see any comments about how Crawford sucks and the Dodgers got robbed anymore on these boards. dodgers jersey Crawford looks like the best lead off hitter the Dodgers have had in about 20 years.

Passing off the Angels angeles jersey struggles by hanging it on the toughness of their opponents doesn't count when everyone predicted the Angels to roll over 2 of those 3 teams.

Who would be dumb enough to say that the Angels should "roll" over the Reds, Rangers or A's?  All 3 of those are excellent teams, the Angels have a lot of questions and with Weaver and Madson out that staff (1 through 12) is pretty dreadful. cheap nike nfl jerseys Anyone that thinks the Angels are superior to any of the three teams they have played thus far is drinking too much Kool-Aid.

But as a Miamian, I'd like everyone to officially know that there is no baseball team cheap mlb jerseys down here, just a black hole for our tax dollars and talent that falls through and ends up on other teams. We are not bad fans, we just have nothing to be a fan of.
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